Parent’s Corner

Cooperstown Baseball World understands that this experience is not just about the players who will be participating but it is also about the parents, family and friends who will be accompanying these children or helping to prepare them for their trip. This is a wonderful time for everyone to make memories but you need to be prepared before you arrive.

This page contains useful tips, field locations, parking regulations, maps, packing lists and weekly itineraries that will help everyone get ready even before they get to Cooperstown Baseball World!

Parent Directory

GPS Information

State University of New York at Oneonta
14 East Dormitory Dr
Oneonta, NY 13820

Tournament Services:
24-Hour First Aid Staff
24-Hour On Site Security
Free Admission to all games
Free Parking
Cooperstown Baseball World Clothing and Souvenir Shop
Concession stands are available
You are permitted to bring your own food into our park as well
Uniform laundry service is provided for teams and umpires Sunday through Thursday for an additional fee
Daily pin trading
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